The Wastelander

Mattias rosquist render1white
Mattias rosquist rendercloseup3white
Mattias rosquist rendercloseup1white
Mattias rosquist renderriflewhite
Mattias rosquist renderturnaroundwhite
Mattias rosquist renderblendshapeswhite
Mattias rosquist renderwireframewhite
Mattias rosquist renderrigwhite
Mattias rosquist rendertextureswhite

The Wastelander

This was alot of fun to make. It is based on a concept by the very talented Hongbo Yang called Waste Punk 1(Link below). I really liked the colours and the shapes! Also looked at both Overwatch and Fortnite for inspiration in the translation from a 2D-concept to a full 3D-model in a style that resonates more with me.

There were some firsts during this project. I created a flow map for the hair with Krita to get the Anisotropic reflections working. I tried out blend shapes for the first time, and found the ZBrush - Maya workflow to be really intuitive and fun to use. Also created a rig from scratch with more functionality than just FK joints for posing, mainly for learning purposes.

I got a lot of helpful feedback during this project from a lot of great artists and friends, but a special thank you goes to Omar Chaouch who did some lectures for us at Future Games and gave me alot of really useful pointers!