"The Barker", Stylized Revolver 1 Day Project

Mattias rosquist greyall


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Mattias rosquist wireframe

Tri-Count: 4976

Mattias rosquist texture

1 x 2K-texture.

"The Barker", Stylized Revolver 1 Day Project

Since I didn't have my Wacom at home I decided to make the revolver for the western-dog-character I'm working on right now. Inspired by Erik Hammarbäck's blog post(really solid breakdown aswell, check it out!) I decided to give my self a set amount of time, in this case 10 hours, to do everything from finding concepts to the final renders.

I started out modeling a Colt 1873 Revolver, but changed it up during the blockout to make it more stylized and ended up with more of a hand-cannon with shotgun shells! The process was quite straight-forward. Firstly, a blockout in Maya which I then used for both the low-poly and the high-poly. After that I managed to get my old, barely useable Wacom to work to do some light scuplting in ZBrush. Baked it all in Marmoset and then textured it in Substance Painter. Lastly, set up a basic 3-point light system and rendered the gun in Marmoset.

I'm still fairly new to hard-surface modeling, but it was a lot of fun to work on and I learned alot!