The Tourist (Beneath the Waves)

Mattias rosquist render


Mattias rosquist turnaround


Marmoset Viewer

Mattias rosquist wireframe


Mattias rosquist giphy

Texture Character

Mattias rosquist giphy 1

Texture Bag

Mattias rosquist giphy 2

Texture Platform

The Tourist (Beneath the Waves)

Did this for the ArtStation challenge Beneath The Waves. Based on a concept by Claire Gary. Had a game project during the last weeks of the project, so could've made some improvements to transparency and such if I had more time. But this is what I got, and I feel good about it!<3

Techical speccs:
Tris: 45856 tris for character + bag. 12332 tris for the platform.
Textures: 2x4k for the character + bag. 1x4k for the platform.
Specc/Gloss PBR workflow.